Master Shawn Epling
began studying martial arts at a young age with his father Larry a vietnam vet. Throughout the interviening years he has studied various martial arts. After a break of a few years he began as a white belt with Taekwondo Network studying under Grand Master Stephen Kirby, and has spent the better part of the last decade and a half studying and teaching within the network.


Master Shawn brought up all of his childeren within the program, with all but one achieving 1st or 2nd degree black belt.


Along with teaching his regular classes within the network over the past few years Master Shawn has been very focused on the self-defense side of Taekwondo, and has been working closely with Grand Master Kirby to build Jido. Jido remembers our origins outside of the sport side of Taekwondo. He has been taking it out into the community working with law enforcement officers and Womens Self Defense Institutes of America, and various other organizations.


Over the years at Taekwondo Network Master Shawn has also studied with GM Richard Do and Master Instructor Jose Diaz.


"I will forever be greatful for the day I joined the Teakwondo Network. It has been an intregal part of my life and I don't see that changing." - Master Shawn



Occupational Information

Full Time Data & Development

Owns Technology Company focusd on Advertising, Marketing, and Development



4th Dan Kukkiwon

Commissioner UNTN

Head Jido Instructor



GM Kirby, Master Shawn, GM Diaz, GM Do (left to right)

Master Shawn teaching JIDO Program

Master Shawn teaching our Women's Self-Defense Program  "WSDI"