Master Jim Oplinger
My journey in Taekwondo began in September of 2003 when my son began taking classes at Universal Athletic Club in Lancaster. He asked me to try the classes with him and although I was a little reluctant, I did it.  It was always something I wanted to try as a kid but there were no schools around me where I grew up in the Poconos. Within months I was asked to become an assistant instructor which I did. My journey to this first blackbelt took me a total of twenty-three months from start to finish. On December 10th 2005 I received my 1st Dan blackbelt at America’s Best Karate in Lancaster, PA.

I continued at this school for about another year and then job responsibilities pulled me away from Taekwondo.  For almost an entire in 2007 I did not participate in any martial arts and I didn’t know if I would ever do Taekwondo or any martial arts again. In September of 2007 a friend of mine introduced me to Grand Master Kirby. I was immediately interested in the “Olympic Game” of Taekwondo and wanted to learn more. It is now 2017……ten years later and I can honestly say that in that time I have learned more from not only Grand Master Kirby but from all of the students, parents, and instructors that surround me as I train. Grand Master Kirby has created an amazing workspace for me and others to grow and prosper in.  Without that space to work, I’m not sure I’d be where I am right now. Thank you, Sir, for providing that space!

Educational Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education – June 1990 Millersville University

  • Master’s Degree in Technology Education – June 2000

  • “Safe Schools” certified teacher

  • Serve on the school “Safety Committee” alongside our school SRO.

  • 25-year Technology Education Instructor at Cedar Crest High School in Lebanon, PA

  • Instructor of Engineering & Architectural Design level courses.

Martial Arts Credentials:

  • 1st Dan Kukkiwon Blackbelt – 2008

  • 2nd Place Finish – PA State Regional Qualifier Tournament – 2009

  • 1st Place Finish – PA Keystone State Games - 2009

  • 2nd Dan Kukkiwon Blackbelt – 2010

  • 3rd Dan Kukkiwon Blackbelt – 2013

  • UNTN Certified Instructor – 2013

  • Appointed to UNTN Commissioner in 2013

  • 3rd Dan UNTN Blackbelt - 2014

  • 4th Dan Kukkiwon Master Instructor Cert.– 2016

  • WSDI Certified Instructor – 2016

  • 4th Dan UNTN Blackbelt – Pending

  • Tiger Team Athlete - 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015

  • Lead Instructor of Martial Arts at Universal Athletic
    Club in Lancaster, PA – 2014 to present

  • USAT Safe Sport Certified Coach

  • USAT Certified Associate Coach

Firearms Instructor Credentials:

  • Lethal Weapons Skills Instructor PSP/LWTA-LEASOT of York / School# 0072 under the guidance of LEASOT York Director Stephen Kirby.

  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

Firearms  & Armed Security Training

  • Act 235 Certified Armed Security Officer

  • OCAT & Expandable Baton

  • X26 TASER

  • NRA First Steps

  • NRA Basic Pistol

  • Defensive Pistol 1

  • Defensive Pistol 2

  • Defensive Pistol 3

Non-Martial Arts Activities:

With GM Richard Do

With GM Kirby

Coaching Christopher Nguyen