Grandmaster Diaz is an amazing martial artist. GM Diaz has been training in Tae Kwon Do for more than 45 years.

He is a 7th Dan with the Kukkiwon and a 8th Dan with the UNTN.

GM Diaz has traveled to South Korea several times to compete and to train. With an advanced degree in mathmatics he eventually went in to the DEA and became a Federal Agent. GM Diaz went on to become a senior instructor for the United States Department of Justice in both Defensive Tactics and Firarms. Along with GM Do and GM Kirby, he is the senior consultant for our JIDO programs as well.

GM Do, GM Kirby and GM Diaz at 2017 annual graduation ceremony!

GM Diaz ties Black Belt on Victor Rojas who is a young man in his 70's

GM Diaz sits on our Board of Directors here at Penn Academies.

Agent Diaz teaches firearms to local law enforcement during a recent visit to central PA.