Grandmaster Richard Do has been training for more than 40 years and is a 7th Dan Kukiwon, 8th Dan UNTN. His father is the late Grandmaster Young Soo Do.

GM Do has traveled to So. Korea several times to train and compete. GM Do is a senior consultant and developer of our JIDO and TKD programs and a senior member of our Penn Academies Board. 

Like his father before him Master Do is driven to develop the art of Tae Kwon Do in the US.

Master Do has been teaching and coaching alongside his family for many decades. He is the Senior Vice President for The Sterling Building Corporation, a real estate development company with vast holdings around the world.


Master Do visits several times a year for events here in PA and is on our Leadership Board at www.pennacademies.org 

Master Do has competed across the country and holds several State and National titles for sparring and poomsae (forms).



Master Do with NFL Mega Agent Drew Rosenhaus
(a student of the family academy and a Black Belt)

Master Do depicted in a painting
with his father GM Young Soo Do.

Master Do with daughter Isabella (left)
and wife Danielle (top).