Grandmaster Steve Kirby has been training for more than thirty five years along side his wife Judith Kirby (pictured top left) under the instruction of 9th Degree Grand Master Young Soo Do and his son GM Richard Do. Additionally Master Kirby has trained under Federal Agent and Martial Arts Master Jose Diaz for more than 30 years. Over the years Mr. Kirby has instructed thousands of students in Florida, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Kirby's sons are also black belts (Master Instructors) and have conducted classes and seminars around the country with their dad. Further, Mr. Kirby produces videos and other media products to reach as many willing students as possible. It is
with great pride that Mr. Kirby makes the TaekwondoNetwork and
SAFEKIDS programs available.

Master Kirby with Grandmaster Young Soo Do right, Grandmaster Lee left.

Some addition info.

- Taekwondo Network Founder
- 7 Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt
- 8 Dan UNTN Black Belt

- 3 Time Florida State Champion Men's Sparring

- PA State Police Firearms Instructor
- NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

- MPOETC Law Enforcement Firearms

- Law Enforcement Instructor OC Pepper,
   Expandable Baton, Handcuffing

- NRA Counselor / Master Instructor / Certifies
   Firearms Instructors 6 Disciplines & Chief
   Range Safety Officers

- Law Enforcement / Civilian TASER Instructor
- IALEFI Law Enforcement Master Firearms

- Director PA State Police Lethal Weapons

- PA State Police Certified Lethal Weapons
   Instructor / Firearms & Skills
- Licensed Detective / Pennsylvania, York County

- DEA, Police Trained Defensive Tactics Instructor

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Master Richard Do, Master Kirby, Master Diaz

Portrait painted by Emily Wick (Black Belt) we'll
never forget!

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