Master Terry Wick
For most of my adult life I have a been a “Jack of all trades”  (Cook, Aluminum Fabricator, CNC Machinist, Electrical Draftsman, CAD Admin, Software\SQL Developer) “and a master none”.  However, that was about to change in 2006 when my daughter brought home a flyer for TKDNetwork and my family began Tae Kwon Do training with Grand Master Kirby at the Dover location.  I have been training ever since.


In 2009 I received my 1st Dan along with my wife and daughter.  In 2010 Grand Master Kirby presented my wife and I with an opportunity to instruct at the Spring Grove location.  For the next 5 years I continued to learn, practice, and instruct Tae Kwon Do as much as I could.  Then in 2015 I was promoted to 4th Dan - Master Instructor (Kukkiwon).  I was finally a “Jack of all trades and a Master of Tae Kwon Do”.  In 2016 I began instructing the Hanover and Spooky Nook locations along with my wife Master Jennifer Wick.


I consider my Tae Kwon Do journey to be in its early middle stage, and I am grateful that I have my wife at my side as my equal.  We have been married for 30 years in November of 2017 and practicing Tae Kwon Do together for 12 of those years. It is very rare to have a 4th Dan husband and wife team, and is probably why we have been as successful as we are.




  • Kukkiwon 4th Dan

  • UNTN Commissioner

  • NRA Pistol basics Certified

Master Terry Wick (right) with wife Master Jennifer Wick at our 2017 Open House event.

GM Kirby, Master Jennifer, Master Terry, and GM Do (left to right)

Portrait of Master Kirby, wife Mrs. Kirby, and GM Do painted by Masters Wick daughter Emily Wick.

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