Grandmaster Stephen Kirby (left) is the founder and chief instructor of the network.
Grandmaster Richard Do (right) is the Network Chairman. Grandmaster Jose Diaz (2nd from right) is the Senior Master for the Network.

Also pictured here Master  Kenneth Lesher (2nd from left), 3rd Dan, assistant instructor at the Lancaster City location.

Mrs. Judith Kirby (left) is GM Kirby's wife of 30+ years and is a 3rd Dan. Ms. Judi is the co-founder of the Network. Mr Phil Grim II (right) is our Harrisburg University location instructor and a 2nd Dan. Mrs. Tara McQuaid (2nd from left) is a 3rd Dan and instructor at our Littlestown location. Mrs. Paula Tallarico is 

Master Terry Wick (right)  ties belt on Craig Tomison (left). Master Terry and his wife Master Jennifer Wick (at right with Master Kirby) teach several location for the Network. Both are currently 4th Dan.

Our Team works hard across 18 locations in Central Pennsylvania. We are a team willing to go the extra mile to make great things happen!

Senior Team / Instructors

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Mrs Judith Kirby - Program Director / 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Grandmaster Stephen Kirby

Grandmaster Richard Do
Grandmaster Jose Diaz

Master Terry Wick - 4 Dan Kukkiwon

Master Jennifer Wick - 4 Dan Kukkiwon

Master James Oplinger - 4 Dan Kukkiwon
Master Shawn Epling - 4 Dan Kukkiwon

Master Kenneth Lesher -  4 Dan Kukkiwon

Master Ben Yanick -  4 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Jeff Hilbert 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Phil Grim - 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Scott McQuaid - 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Mrs. Tara McQuaid - 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Mason McQuaid - 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Shane McQuaid - 3 Dan Kukkiwon
Mr. Joel Keels - 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Christopher Nguyen - 3 Dan Kukkiwon / 3 Dan UNTN

Mr. Andrew Nguyen - 3 Dan Kukkiwon / 3 Dan UNTN

Mr. Scott Stout - 2 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Victor Rojas - 3 Dan UNTN

Instructors / Teaching Staff
Mrs. Paula Tallarico - 3 Dan Kukkiwon
Ms. Faydra Haywood - 3 Dan UNTN

Mr. Adam Sweezy - 3 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Craig Tomison - 2 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Brian Hornberger - 2 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Alex Serrano - 2 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Victor K. Butanis - 2 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Charles Kutcher - 1 Dan Kukkiwon

Mr. Bradley Keels - 2 Dan Kukkiwon
Ms. Sophia Campbell - 2 Poom Kukkiwon

Ms. Ahsa Sadhukhan - 2 Poom Kukkiwon

Ms. Reagan Record - 2 Poom Kukkiwon
Ms. Tabitha Shoemaker - 2 Dan Kukkiwon

Mrs. Patti Holmes - 1 Dan Kukkiwon / 2 Dan UNTN
Mrs. Helen Deitch - 1 Dan Kukkiwon
Mrs. Judith Kaufman - Hi Red
Mr. Don Jones - 1 Dan Kukkiwon
Ms. Sierra Burke - 2 Dan UNTN
Mr. Jeff Woods - 1 Dan Kukkiwon
Mr.  Alex Prudomme - 2 Dan Kukkiwon
Mr. Abshalom Cooper - 1 Dan Kukkiwon
Mr. Dandre Bell - 1 Dan Kukkiwon
Mrs. Janet Mclaughin - 1 Dan Kukkiwon
More to come shortly!!


Master Shawn Epling (right) encourages students to strive to be their best!

Master Jim Oplinger (right) ties belt on Andrew Nguyen