2020 Inter-School Tourneys

All Network locations welcome!

Max of 130 competitors per event!

Spring - March 28, 2020 -RESCHEDULE 
Summer - TBD
Fall - TBD


2020 Tiger Team
& Black Belt Promotions

November 7, 2020 
Lower Windsor Gymnasium

Our Annual Tiger Team Demo and Black Belt Promotions! More than 150 Black Belts on the floor...don't miss this incredible display of art and talent.In the tradition of the South Korean Tiger Team!

Airsoft, Firearms, Leadership, Women's Self-Defense and more!

              Welcome to our Taekwondo Network             TEAM site - MYTKDNETWORK.COM. We celebrate our team members and the human side of our Academy here. Enjoy looking through the team information and know that we are the product of our people in the Academy.

If you are a TEAM member (an active student)...we encourage you to become a Black Belt, then an instructor, and then perhaps a Master Instructor.


We hope you will develop your resume of training with us and develop your own page on our "Staff" page here on our website. Your accomplishments will inspire students to become all they can be as well. Thank you for being a part of the Network and thank you for choosing us for your training needs!  

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