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Our Tiger Team was developed over decades to resemble the famous So. Korean Tiger Team or what was called the Korean Hodori Team. The team performed at the 1988 Olympic Games as Tae Kwon Do first appeared on the Olympic seen as a future Olympic Sport.

Once each year we at TaekwondoNetwork hold our annual Black Belt Promotions and Tiger Team Exhibition. Anyone testing for Black Belt and anyone in the academy are welcome to try our for the Tiger Team.

Additionally, our team hits the road with our team mascot and limousine periodically throughout the year putting on demonstrations and promoting the Art of Tae Kwon Do!

Team members who have participated in 1-4 annual Team Exhibitions wear a Grey Jacket, members with 5-9 annual Team Exhibitions wear a Blue Jacket and team members with 10 (years) or more of annual Team Participation wear Black Jackets!

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